Paralympics 2016

The incredible Rio Olympics has now finished but that doesn’t mean that the year’s Olympic spirit has come to an end. Not even close! On the 7th September, the 2016 Paralympics begin!

Get ready for 12 days of the most tenacious and inspiring people in the world going head to head for Olympic glory. Hot on the heels of the Olympics are the Paralympics, and event which for us at Grey Trees is even more impressive.

It is incredible to see the dedication and drive that these guys and girls have as they overcome adversity and push themselves to the limit.

In terms of who to look out for from Team GB:

Ellie Simmons: This gold medalist swimmer from London 2012 will be hoping to keep on winning in the pool.

Jonnie Peacock: This amazing amputee sprinter will be one to watch this year, he took gold at the 2012 games, fingers crossed for the same result this time around!

It’s one event not to miss, and, for us, it’s one of the most inspiring sporting events you can watch. Enjoy a nice Grey Trees independent craft ale, while watching some of the toughest athletes on the planet, battle it out for Olympic glory.