A Brewery Tour – Sample The Finest

Have you ever sipped a Drummer Boy and thought to yourself, I wonder what goes into making this pint of beer? Well if that’s the case, you’re in luck! You can see first hand what goes into producing our award-winning beers by taking a tour of Grey Trees Brewing HQ.

We open up the Brewery to tours several times each year, with booking available in advance. It gives incredible insight into the entire brewing operation from start to finish, and a glimpse into both the creative and practical processes that have led to us delivering some truly fine beers.

Our Beer Tasting & Nibbles Brewery Tours are designed to give you a little taste of how our industry works, and discover the magic behind some of your favourite beers. You’ll also learn how to properly ‘taste’ beer, and expand your palate in the process.

Here’s how the tour works:

Upon arrival at the Brewery you’ll be given a welcome drink. This will be one of our fantastic ales, and we’re sure you’ll agree is the perfect way to kick off the tour!

Then our experts will give you a 90-minute tour of the premises, where you’ll see the brewing process up close taking in the aroma of hops and tasting the malts that go into our beers. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions about the Craft Brewing Industry. The Grey Trees team are very friendly and happy to pass on our beer-related wisdom like providing pointers to what ales would suit your individual tastes.

Once you’re full of brewing knowledge and the 90 minutes are up, we’ll transport you to our National Tap where you have three hours to sit and sample Grey Trees’ fine range of ales on both cask and keg. You can try as many different beers as you like, with unlimited access to the bar included in the ticket price (within responsible consumption limits of course!)

That’s not all though, this is a Nibbles and Beer tour after all. At the Tap you’ll find a mouthwatering buffet to feast on, with a selection of cheeses, cold meats, salami, bread, chutney and pickle, all of which perfectly compliment our beers!

Private tours can be booked with a minimum of 25 people, but we also take bookings on an individual basis or for smaller groups. The cost of the tour is just £40 per person (this amount is payable at the time you make the booking).

If you would like to find out more about our Beer Tasting & Nibbles Brewery Tour at our Aberdare brewery, you can check for tour dates and small/individual bookings on our Grey Trees Facebook page, Instagram and make sure you follow us on Twitter.

Our brewery tours are perfect if you’d like to learn more about how we brew our multi-award-winning Independent Craft Beers in the heart of the South Wales Valleys. They also make the perfect gift for someone with an interest in real ales. For a private tour with a minimum of 25 people, please contact us on 01685 267077.