Bread of heaven, BREAD OF HEAVEN, feed me Grey Trees till I WANT NO MORE!

The National Tap was packed to the rafters last week, and you could probably hear us in Pontypridd! We had invited two wonderful male voice choirs to join us for a Friday sing song.

We welcomed local legends Mountain Ash RFC Singers and Cardiff’s Bechgyn Bro Taf for an evening of song, socialising and supping pints. It was standing room only as both choirs regaled us with the classic MVC (male voice choir, for those not in the know) staples. We were treated to old hymns like Cwm Rhondda (Bread of Heaven), Welsh folk songs such as Sospan Fach, more up to date pop tunes by The Beach Boys, and of course a little bit of Tom Jones.

At times it almost became a good-natured, slightly competitive sing-off between the two choirs. The Bechgyn lads would belt out Calon Lan, with the whole pub joining in on the choruses. Not wanting to be out done, the Mountain Ash men would come straight back with their rendition of Men of Harlech and again everyone would sing along.

To say it raised the hairs on the back of your neck is an understatement, neck hairs were standing up all night (like most of us in the Tap, a chair was a scarce commodity). If you are yet to experience a proper choir at close quarters (let alone two!), then we’d definitely recommend it. It really was the perfect accompaniment to a pint of Caradog’s. Although I spent most of the night with my breath taken away by the beauty of music, so had to catch my breath back before I could have a sip of my beer!

Male voice choirs are an integral part of Valleys tradition, and Grey Trees feel it’s important to keep our heritage alive. We even name our beers after local choral heroes. And that’s not to say we are clinging onto some irrelevant part of the past. Join us at our next choir gathering, and if you aren’t moved by it all come see us at the bar and we’ll give you a free pint! The atmosphere was fantastic and seeing the joy that everyone felt as they were swept up with the music was infectious.

We’d like to thank both choirs for giving us such a memorable evening. If you are interested in checking out other events featuring these choirs, or maybe even becoming a member, you can find out more information about them on the Mountain Ash RFC Singers and Bechgyn Bro Taf websites.

You are always welcome to join us at The National Tap. We host events similar to this throughout the year and you can find more details on our social media feeds. Head on over to the National Tap Facebook page, keep tabs on our Instagram feed and make sure to follow us on our Twitter page too!